Need some personalized advice on starting, scaling, or saving your art career?

As an artist looking to go full-time, land more clients, or grow your following, you need an actionable and measurable plan for success. 

To briefly introduce myself, my name is Derrik and I'm here to help you bridge over the difficulties of fusing your creative mindset with your business mindset (even if you think one of those mindsets doesn't exist within yourself yet).

What makes my advice so important?

I am a full-time artist and clothing designer who has previously worked in the online marketing world and majored in Entrepreneurship at SDSU. I have been actively growing my online following on my social media channels for less than a year and seen explosive growth and momentum.

My team and I have worked in the public eye including work for Senator, Lena Gonzalez, Long Beach's Art Expo Center, and public work for the BLM movement. Not only that, but I have my own systems for capturing private clients. 


Don't get me wrong: I love painting murals and creating digital pieces for clothing, but I'd say my expertise lies more heavily on the business-side of the art world: including branding, marketing, content creating, content distribution, and more fancy marketing terms that allow me to get in front of clients.

A personal mission of mine has always been to help artists eliminate the "starving artist" stereotype. We are in a new age, and YOU are the next wave!

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plan your next moves

Come ready with questions and let's get to work!