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Need some personalized advice on starting, scaling, or saving your art career?

As an artist looking to go full-time, land more clients, or grow your following, you need an actionable and measurable plan for success. 

Our collective members and artists are here to help! We have experience in a myriad of different areas and love to help other artists succeed. Our consultations are primarily done with our CEO, Derrik Diza, who is an artist, curator, former marketing specialist, and of course, a business owner himself!

What makes OUR advice so important?

"In my experience, artists love creating and often study fine arts or some form of the arts in their time at a university. What makes me different than a lot of other artists is my experience in online marketing, B2B sales, and entrepreneurship. I look at my art as a business and a vehicle to create impact in the world by bringing awareness to social causes that are in need as well as helping other artists grow and capitalize off of any knowledge I've come to acquire and use to my advantage." 

-Derrik Diza, Founder & CEO Disorganized Depictions


Our company is a multi-faceted art business meaning we can offer expertise in different areas: including marketing, advertising, design, apparel, murals, branding, and others. Art is our passion, and helping you achieve success is one of the reasons we started in the first place..


Eliminate the "starving artist" stereotype. We are in a new age, and YOU are the next wave!


Zoe Winters (@zoewintersx)

CEO, Artist, Designer

Derrik is incredibly knowledgeable in marketing and growing his brand. His goal is to help other artists succeed, and his advice has absolutely helped me grow online and reach new people. (Follower count taken from 6,000 to 20K) He doesn't leave anything out regarding exactly what you need to do to become successful and shares strategies tailored to your specific brand goals. Thank you Derrik!


Evan Vaporeon (@evan.vaporeon.art)

Muralist, Designer

Derrik helped break down a strategy to make sure I get the most out of commission work. Giving a step by step run down on how he approaches his clients as well as other options that may be suitable to other artists. He was very helpful and I know I'll feel comfortable going to him when I need more advice.


Ashlee Anne (@ashleeannn)

Designer, Muralist, Curator

I've hired Derrik for three large scale mural pieces this year. Each time he has made the process a breeze. He takes each project as an opportunity to grow and the client always ends up extremely please with the outcome of each mural. It has been a pleasure watching him quickly grow as an artist in the short time I have had working with him."


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