Disorganized Depictions


Create a bold message that gets your customers, 

employees, and community to take action.

Not only can we beautify your space to incentivize, engage, and connect with your audience, but we also can help you find strategic placement for your advertising outside of the property you own.

We have access to walls that are in highly visible places with partners who have millions of followers on social media platforms. Because of our partnerships, we can help you communicate your message to consumers all across the world.



Disorganized Depictions was founded by artist and muralist, Derrik Diza, to bring together innovative brands, artists, and nonprofit organizations. Derrik believes we live in a "Disorganized World" and through art, creativity, and innovation there are solutions to world problems. For this reason, each mural we create helps support a nonprofit to make positive social impact for those who are less fortunate. 

Our priority is delivering your message through powerful art and design. We design, render, paint, and can help you find wall placement for your mural advertisements. We have partners who lease their walls to companies who are looking for exposure in differing niches. Some of our partners have millions of followers on social media platforms and are guaranteed to help you grow your business.


  WHY US?  


We don't create art to inspire.

We create art to make people take action.


Our work looks to do much more than simply leave an inspirational message with a viewer. Good art inspires, but good design engages. We are a collective of artists that seek to help you grow your business through design. Whether you are a landowner looking to incentivize large brands to become tenants, a small business looking to get more exposure, or a large brand looking to reach new audiences, we are here to help.


We have access to private walls that are marketed all over the internet to millions of consumers annually. Because of this, we are able to help you bring more awareness to your brand, communicate your message, and increase your sales.


Our murals can incorporate QR codes to important web pages, lettering and calligraphy to communicate your brand or vision, include your logo, and so much more. We also create high-quality photo and video content for the murals when they are finished which we are happy to share with our clients.

Our process is specific, detailed, and timely. Keeping our clients informed makes the process much simpler and transparent. We provide contracts, insurance for muralists to take liabilities off your hands, conduct brand research and exploration, and most importantly deliver beautiful designs with timely application.



Long Beach, CA

Artist: Steve Martinez


"There are two pandemics we are simultaneously fighting at this very moment. One is a disease that started about 7 months ago and the other is a disease that has plagued this country for over 400 years...

At this very moment in time there is a line being drawn, one side you have love and on the other you have hate. Which side are you on?"

-Steve Martinez

Yeah Field Trip

San Diego, CA

Artist: Jonny Pucci

"Being an artist means pursuing beauty in the world. Beauty can mean what we normally think of, like a beautiful painting, but it can also be an action. It can mean painting something big and beautiful that has meaning and makes people say, "Wow," but it can also mean helping someone in need, spreading positivity and love."

-Jonny Pucci

Branded Closet

Huntington Beach, CA

Multiple Artists

We live in a Disorganized World.

This project was completed in our

studio in Huntington Beach, CA.

Artists Derrik Diza and Lisa Michelle came together to bring this concept to life. The idea bridges the gap between a comic world and our reality while incorporating one of our brand headlines: "We live in a Disorganized World."


La Habra, CA

Artist: Derrik Diza

Simplinutritious us looking to incorporate their brand's values and offers in a style more closely related to street art.

This was a fun opportunity to add neutral tones with strong, bold pops of their brand colors through spray paints. This mural was made to act as a direct message to the brand's end consumer. Turning this blank gray wall into a modern, bold piece gave Simplinutritious a great new feel.

Disorganized Depictions 

Huntington Beach, CA

Multiple Artists

Channeling our love for 90's anime series we painted a Dragon Ball Z mural in our studio space. He decided to incorporate our company motto into the piece to make the piece feel closer to heart.

Not only does this piece represent us as a brand, but also portrays themes of power, fun, and light.

Welcome to LB 

Long Beach, CA

Multiple Artists

33rd District Senator, Lena Gonzalez, needed to brighten up the space in her office with vibrant colors that demanded more attention than her turquoise walls.

Curated with Bixby Knolls Improvement Association, we came in alongside a handful of other artists to bring this office to life. This mural showcases the diversity, culture, and community of Long Beach.

Black Lives Matter

Long Beach, CA

Artist: Derrik Diza

The City of Long Beach and private curators funded a project to cover all the boarded up windows of downtown Long Beach in art. When we received the call to be a part of the project on these two boards we were more than happy to take part.

The words chosen were meant to represent a brighter hope for the future in 2020 with regards to the movement. Projects like these for social causes always are very meaningful for us.

Art Expo Center

Long Beach, CA

Artist: Derrik Diza

"The Improvement Center at the Art Expo of Bixby Knolls reached out to me to do a very unique project inside their women's restroom. 

Originally submitted as a design to the city for public work, the Art Expo saw the concept and immediately wanted to pick it up for their restroom instead.  This project focused on themes of positivity, uplift, and inspiration."

-Derrik Diza

Private Studio

Orange County, CA

Artist: Derrik Diza

This studio piece in Orange County was purposed to deliver calming messages while communicating the idea of progress.  The soft feel of gray-scale tones form a path to the eye that focuses on the signature pops of yellow to communicate feelings tranquility and fun simultaneously.

Having a mural in your workspace can set a more lively tone for productivity, creativity, and relieve stress.