"This is the first skateboard I have ever created. This piece means a lot to me in terms of my vision for my art, my vision for my brand, my vision for myself. For this reason, I am not willing to part from this piece of work."


"Loom" is a hand-painted skateboard deck (size 8.5) with cut-outs of Thrasher Magazines ironed onto the board.  This board is a mixed-media piece with acrylic paint, charcoal, graphite, ink, and of course, the magazine paper ironed onto the board.  

"LOOM" Original Hand-Painted Deck

  • This piece is an original piece to be handled with extreme care.  Getting any moisture on the board would result in damage that could affect the entire board including the paper, charcoal, graphite, and ink placed directly on the board.  There is no top layer varnish on the board as to not damage the integrity of the charcoal, graphite, and magazine paper.  There is fixative on the graphite, charcoal, and ink to prevent any smearing, though it is recommended the centerpiece of the board remain completely untouched.