Feeling stuck in your art career or just starting? We want you to close deals with your dream clients and work towards advancing not only your artistic skills but your business skills as well. This 90 minute session is designed to help you close AT LEAST one $5,000 deal within 1-2 months of the session. This $5,000 is a minimum amount we seek to help you close - some artists have used our formula to generate 5-figure deals after one break down session. Disorganized Depictions was founded to eliminate the starving artist mentality and bring together innovative brands, talented artists, and under-privileged communities.


Please note this 90 minute session is booked with our Creative Director, Derrik Diza via Zoom only. To ensure you receive best experience and most value out of your call, please install Zoom and have questions ready ahead of time!


You will receive an email after purchase to book a time for your consultation.



Closing Your First Huge Deal : 1-on-1 Consulting Session